The following project is about used skateboards and the story behind the traces. 

Over a period of 8 month, a pre-sticked skateboard has been used by different riders to skate in their usual environment. Everybody with the same skateboard. 

The tricks have been documented, likewise the traces on the surface of the deck, which become more and more visible over the period of time. 

Simoultanously the traces have become the foundation for the screenprint edition.

Three moments have been selected, beginning, mid and end in order to create a tryptich in the original size of the skateboard.

Over the period of time more marks and scratches become visible and the colourful deck transforms into a monochrome grey colored subject. Working on the final design of the screenprint this process of transformation has been turned into the contrast:

the scratches and stickers become more and more colorful, giving an allusion to the fact that through the active usage, the deck starts telling a story and becomes alive.