Sk8board Stories

The following project Sk8board Stories is about used skateboards and their history. The core idea is to split the skateboard into equal sized pieces whereby each element shows a different movement of a skateboard trick sequence. Together all elements build up a complete trick movement and re-tell the story of the board.

“I was always fascinated about skateboarding and skateboard photography. Inspired by the images in skateboard magazines the idea came up to re-tell the stories of a skateboard on the board itself. Through time and the usage of a board, scratches and marks become more and more visible and at the same time each board more individual. In fact, every board has its' own story created by its' riders. In order to reflect this idea, diverse skateboard tricks are photographed and analyzed accordingly. Finally the images are drawn on the skateboard by the use of different kinds of media like spray-paint, ink, pencils and screen-printing. Last but not least the board is cut into „snapshots“ in order to underline the movement and the core idea of a trick sequence."